About Us

We  moved to the area from Minneapolis where we had a little café that started out as a coffee shop and turned into a casual seasonal/local/organic eatery.  

Our food there and what we have here is much the same:  using our local farmers and suppliers to come up with good homecooked meals, soup stocks that take a good 8 hours to create, and preserving the harvest like crazy so we get to eat good year round. Currently, close to 60% of everything that goes into a meal at the Small Cafe comes from local farmers and suppliers.

In addition, we hate throwing things out and wasting any resource we have, so you’ll see the solar water heater and the immense amount of reused materials, hear about the cistern to collect rainwater and irrigate the land. We're also composting about 10-20 gallons of food waste per week. 







Let us know what local products you want to see on the menu and what you think is good.