Small B&B Policies


Cancellation Policy

We hope you never have to cancel any reservation you make with us, but it might just happen.  If it does, we charge 30% of the cost of the stay if the cancellation is less than 7 days from the arrival date.  Any no shows/cancellations/changes within 24 hours are charged the full amount of the stay.

Guest Breakfast Policy For Cafe Closed Days

So many people are here to see family and we love that it can be at our cafe.  On Monday and Tuesday, though, it's also our day of much needed rest. A compromise is in order.  On Mondays and Tuesdays when the cafe is closed we can accomodate up to 4 additional guests for breakfast at a set price of $15/person.  The menu and time must be set the night before.

Pet Policy

We love our pets and love to make friends with new ones.  In order to keep our upcharge for pets as low as we can (10% of your total), we need to have a few rules though:

  • Pets must be on a leash when they're outside their rooms.
  • Owners must pick up after their pets when they're on premises
  • We prefer to not have pets left unattended in our rooms, but understand that it might occasionally happen.  If it has to happen, we require full contact information in case something seems wrong, full access to the room to check on your pet if needed, a kennel  if there is any question of the pets behavior.  Should any damage occur, we'll let you know the cost to repair/clean/replace the item and use your credit card information in our files to cover it.

Child Policy

We have a unique ability to have children in our property since the rooms are free standing.  The grounds are great for kids to play in and we have pets that are child friendly.  There are rules for children that we'd like to made sure parents know in advance:

  • Children must be supervised when they're on the property, playing in the hammock, petting the animals, and walking the grounds and gardens.
  • Children can be very curious and interestingly destructive.  Anything that is damaged will need to be assessed for cleaning/ repairing/replacing.  We'll let you know and use the credit card information in our file to cover the cost.